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Los Angeles Valley College is home to a thriving community of students pursuing higher education and professional training in the world of theater. The Valley Collegiate Players is the student organization that works hand in hand with the dedicated Theater Department to help bring these educational and career goals to fruition.


Each year, the students of LAVC work hard to mount their very own production from scratch with over 50 students collaborating on directing, acting, building, set/costume/light design, and promotions. 2014 year was the beginning of a new summer project for the VCP when, in addition to its regular school year mainstage production, the club mounted 4 one-act plays and performed to sold-out audiences. The following year, summer 2015, the club, in concert with the Department of Theater Arts produced a evening of 7 plays with a sci-fi/fantasy twist under the title: MULTIVERSE.


Pictured clockwise from right are MUSEUM, by Tina Howe, the 2014 VCP production, THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller, the 2015 VCP Production, and MULTIVERSE, the club's 2015 summer series.


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