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March 22, 7:30pm

March 23, 7:30pm

March 24,  2pm

March 24, 7:30pm

March 25, 2pm

Super-hero noir comedy about the dangers of love.

"A fun, twisted exploration of what it means when someone Hulk-smashes your heart on the ground into a million pieces…It's goofy. It's absurd. But it hits hard where it counts—right in the ticker." —Village Voice.

Agatha's Christie's classic whodunit in a production by the Valley Collegiate Players.


Celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Queen of Crime's long-running, record-breaking mystery sensation, and, at the same time, help the VCP mark their 60th year as an LAVC chartered club!

April 19, 7:30pm

April 20, 7:30pm

April 21, 2pm

April 24, 7:30pm

April 22, 2pm

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