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DO I HAVE TO BE A FANTASTIC SINGER?  Of course, we love singers, but our show will be built around the talent who audition.  If you can dance, show us your skills in your video (or the live) audition.  If you feel you are more of an actor than a singer, I beg you to listen to Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady, and Robert Preston in The Music Man both of whom won multiple performance awards for their “talk-singing.”  We may also need an emcee, or various other speakers.   And we have spots for technicians who would prefer to stage manage, or run lights and sound, or work front of house.  Let us know what your interest is and we will do our best to find a way for you to participate in this super fun experience.


WHEN IS THE FIRST AUDITION ROUND?   The first week of the fall semester!  Select one song from the list and contact to obtain a vocal track and sheet music digitally.  We would prefer you attend the on-campus auditions on September 1 (Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm) or September 2 (Thursday from 6pm – 8:30pm) in the Theater Building. You will be singing your song to the same track that was supplied to you. We will have the recorded tracks available here. The song should be memorized!!


If you would rather send a self-tape for the first round of auditions, we will need it submitted by Friday, Sept 3rd at noon. If you choose self-tape, contact Cathy for instructions on how/where to upload your audition video.


ARE THERE CALLBACKS?  Yes. These will be in person and will include a movement audition.   You may be asked to sing a different song, and you may be matched with one or more partners to sing and/or dance. 


SAFETY PROTOCOLS!  Our hope is to be able to perform this piece live in the Mainstage Theater where we can socially distance for both rehearsals and performances. We will be following all of the college recommendations regarding COVID and will adapt our schedules accordingly.  Please wear your face mask when you come to campus.


DO I HAVE TO BE AN LAVC STUDENT TO PARTICIPATE?  Yes!  You will need to enroll in one of our production classes to be a part of this show.   Whether you are cast as a performer or assigned a tech position, we will guide you through the best course to enroll in.


WHEN WILL THE REHEARSALS BE HELD?  Since the show has flexible casting possibilities, many early rehearsals will be held in small groups, maybe even some individual coaching can happen via ZOOM.  But if you are cast in ensemble numbers, rehearsals will need to take place more often and in person.  Eventually we will need to meet more and more frequently together, face to face.  From NOVEMBER 1st through our final performance (NOVEMBER 15th) we will need the full company most evenings from 6 -10:30ish pm plus all day Saturday, November 6th.

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