I NOW PRONOUNCE Character Breakdowns


An old Rabbi, possibly pushing 80, probably pushing 90.  And he looks his age, or older.  The smallest breeze might blow him away.  He has trouble trying to remember what he is supposed to say next.  He is a man of God.



A bridesmaid in a blue dress.  Eva tends to overshare.  She ends up getting it on with Seth during the reception.



Another bridesmaid in a blue dress. Michelle’s vision of true love is too far removed from reality. She is trying to hook up with the EMT who responded to the 911 call when the Rabbi died.



The Bride (20’s-30’) AND



The Groom (also 20’s-30’s) Although their wedded life together has only just begun, they already feel hemmed in. They are unsettled by the creeping feeling that being in a romantic partnership requires conforming to prescribed roles and behaviors.



 A groomsman who is hung up on the wife who jilted him.  He ends up getting it on with Eva during the reception.



A groomsman.  His bad-boy attitude keeps people at a distance.

Flower Girls

3 young girls (played by young ladies). They are afraid that the dead Rabbi is now a bloodthirsty ghost.  They are always together.

Mrs. Goodman

Played by the actor who played the Rabbi.  An elderly woman dressed in her “Sunday Best”: a hat, pearls, maybe a cane.  She has come looking for her husband as he has not returned from the wedding.