An Evening of Noh

About the Characters

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HAKURYO, a fisherman: A stubborn man who is concerned only with one's own affairs but deep down with proper guidance he is as gentle as a compassionate dog.

One or two COMPANIONS: Fisherman friends of Hakuryo. Witty and wise men. Zen, Monk like, going with the flow, passing by.

ANGEL: A Celestial maiden who radiates purity, honesty, positive goodness, and has exquisitely polite manners. She embodies movement similar to that of a graceful swan and is in service to only herself and the heavens. This role requires moderate dancing skills.



MYOE: An outstanding young monk of his time - A man of dreams and visions. Feels he was born too late. Seeks travel and wisdom.

Two COMPANIONS: Also, monks. Peaceful beings who represent the echo of Myoes conscious.

OLD MAN: A respected shrine priest. Slow speaking and patient. Has seen many things in his life. Speaks truth and important words of advice to Myoe.

MINOR DEITY: The dragon gods most trusted server/messenger. Engaging storyteller and convincing speaker.

DRAGON GOD: She is fierce, dark, rare and strong. Represents warning and caution with her mystical presence. strong dancing skills.



MANSERVANT: A very loyal and kind-hearted gentleman who believes in the good of all things and mankind.

Monk and poet SAIGYO: A bitter lonely man who has felt great conflict within himself.

Two or three flower-viewing VISITORS from the Capital: Embark on a pilgrimage to gaze upon the beloved blossoms. They honor natures wonders in praise and excitement.

The SPIRIT of the cherry tree: a simple, wise and gracious being. Respected storyteller who speaks in a calm, humble and collective tone. Possibly need dancing skills May need a dancer to be a representation of the movement of the tree.