by Caryl Churchill

Love and Information is a collection of 57 short, episodic vignettes in which revered British playwright Caryl Churchill uses a series of interactions between mostly unnamed characters to explore knowledge, meaning, and how we make sense of information in our lives.


According to original London director James Macdonald, “the play starts out being about people wanting information, and then moves into how we retain information and what that means.   It goes on into the meaning we ascribe to the information we have retained.”

Nearly all of the scenes are dialogues between two characters; there are two scenes written for three characters and one scene which features a group.   Characters are not repeated from one scene to the next, meaning that there are options for actors to play multiple characters.  The scenes range from a few seconds long, to about five minutes.  Each vignette has a title that sums up its major themes and content.

The scenes are grouped into seven sections. 

The script does not indicate who the characters are or who is speaking at any given moment. None of the characters are identified by age or gender.  Any role can be played by anyone.  Click below for more details about the production!



Photographs by Richard Michael Johnson and others.

Setting of When that I was and a little tiny boy by Michele Ryan, click on her to find out more about Michele

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